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Ego Surfing

Posted on 15 February 2008 by Russ

I came across several people today who said “Google My Name” Okay, if your name is rare, you may be listed on the search engines, but WHO CARES! Where do you fall when people Google the name of your business, what about the product or service you sell? The truth is, when people are looking for information about Microsoft, they don’t drop Bill’s name in to their favorite search engine and expect to get the information they were looking for. No they put specific phrases and expect relevant results. I’ll admit I do my fair share of ego surfing, but the reality is this, if people are not finding my website under the keywords blogging, SEO, or web development, who cares if my high school girlfriend can find me. For that matter, I would rather my name NOT show up when you search it.

The reality of the situation is this folks, YOUR NAME is valuable, but only if you brand it correctly. Think of some famous names, Henry Ford, Blair Singer, Suze Orman. What do they have in common, they are all known throughout their industry and the world perhaps as visionaries, as experts, as someone who is reputable in their field. When people think of great automotive innovator, they think of Ford. If you are curious about improving the sales in your business, you may think of Singer. If you want to know more about finance you may think of Orman. But the question is how did they become so well known? The answer is this: they write down their thoughts and share them with other people.

“All Fords are exactly alike, but no two men are just alike. Every new life is a new thing under the sun; there has never been anything just like it before, never will be again. A young man ought to get that idea about himself; he should look for the single spark of individuality that makes him different from other folks, and develop that for all he is worth. Society and schools may try to iron it out of him; their tendency is to put it all in the same mold, but I say don’t let that spark be lost; it is your only real claim to importance.”

Henry Ford

How can you brand yourself as an expert in your field? What is the one thing that you stay awake at night pondering over? What is your passion? What do you love most? Would you be willing to write about it once a week? If so, write about it online, on a blog. Show off your passion, teach people what you know, share with the world the fantastic stories you have heard of been a part of. Who knows perhaps some day your name will be synonymous with what you do much like “inventor of the automobile,” “sales expert,” of “financial genius.”

Happy Blogging

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  1. Chris Moran Says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Emilia Palmer Says:

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  3. Isabel Lee Says:

    Surfing is really the best sport out there, i love the adrenaline rush when surfing on big waves.~.:

  4. Ella Walker Says:

    i broke my arm on a freak surfing accident but hey, surfing is a nice sport:*~

  5. Opal Says:

    I guess its about branding at the end of the day. Some celebrities have turned their name into a brand: Sting, Madonna, Oprah, etc. They want their name to be at the top, but in this case the search traffic is already driven by brand awareness. In the case of Microsoft however, Microsoft is the brand, not Gates. But the brand is only as valid as the qualities that are associated with it. The name must be synonymous with something, what will it be?

  6. Arthritis Treatment  Says:

    i am an adrenalin junkie so i love to surf on very high waves~-.

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