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HubSpot Business Blogging Webinar

Posted on 21 March 2008 by Russ

Preface: This blog post is my opinion on a HubSpot webinar, I was lucky enough to sit in on this week. By no means am I claiming the content as mine. Make sure that you download the webinar recording, slides, and white paper to get the full prospective. Blog Marketing Webinar – presented by Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing, HubSpot.

Wow, what a great use of two hours of my day. Even as a self proclaimed blog advocate and SEO/SEM expert, I must say that I learned quite a bit. Here were some of the key points that I found most valuable:

  • Balance your blogging life: spend 1/3 of your time posting on your blog, 1/3 reading other blogs, and 1/3 commenting!
  • Never use a subdomain of a blogging platform as your URL, buy a domain and install it. (I told you so!)
  • Funny and Enticing Titles work best.
  • Posting weekly is “the norm.”

Some of this I already knew, but sometimes it helps my clients to hear it from other people.

I must admit that these guys seem to have a really good grasp of the benefits of business blogging as well as how it will help with your company’s website SEO. If you are interested, HubSpot is doing another webinar on Social Media Marketing, April 9, 2-3PM EST

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  1. MoneyMaster Says:

    :O So mush Info :O ? THis Is he MOst AMAzing SIte DUDe? :D

  2. Sylvia Lindig Says:

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  3. Blogging Alchemy Says:

    Blogging is too time consuming now, if you want to keep up to speed with the IM world you should outsource this task, unless you enjoy it.

    I like to use auto blog scripts that publish my work for me. I write all of my content, say 3 months in advance worth then I let the poster do the rest.

    It saves me so much time and I have more time to do things I like, like create more blogs and make new products. Plus it’s not scraped content but my own original work.

  4. Indexed By Google Says:

    ! I hadn’t considered the plainly simple ways the big G worked in. The issue is that a spider “indexes” your page countless times, it takes a ton of due work on your part in order to get your site to become interesting to Google. This just adds to my knowledge of SEO!

  5. Jason Says:

    I agree with the author. We should spend some time looking at other blogs. This will give us ideas for our blog. However, we shouldn’t directly copy other blogs.

  6. Lucie Kakacek Says:

    Good blog. Can’t wait to start my own blog.

  7. Toi Albino Says:

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  11. Matthew Garrett Says:

    do you have blog video guides in your webinar?

  12. Juana Leclair Says:

    This is a great costume! I love all parts of the Toy Story.

  13. Wm Carta Says:

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