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Blogging Tips

I have been getting the question more and more frequently, and I don’t always have a clear and defiant answer, but I have noticed a couple of things in each answer. I have outlined them here, but explained what I mean below. [...more]

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So whats so big about these blogs anyway?

If you are new to the site, or are new to blogging in general, you may not know a whole lot about RSS and Blogs. That’s Ok, truthfully just a couple years ago I did not either. It took a couple of things to happen to launch what we now know as the “blogosphere” [...more]

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RSS Hugger

I have recently found a very cool website called RSS Hugger. It is a great way to geat exposure to your blog. I have recently added this site and will be adding several of the other feeds that I maintain. Don’t you just love RSS? [...more]

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