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Dive Provo Viral Video Contest

We are launching a viral video contest for Dive Provo, a diving outfit in the Bahamas. Brent Brooks from Blank Stage Productions and I are launching these viral videos and a contest as part of our venture, Viral Video Brothers. The contest is simple, go to the contest home page, - watch some videos [...] [...more]

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Karli Garrett


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Charisma Studios

Here is a great example of WordPress as a CMS. The design of this site was intended to be less “bloggy” and more like a traditional web site. [...more]

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Intuition Girl

New Wordpress design for Intuition Girl - Joan Marie Whelan this blog is designed to deliver valuable ideas, lifestyle tips, behavior modification techniques, inspirational messages and much more. For more information and to see the Wordpress theme in action, go to [...more]

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Taser Warehouse

Its always fun to do projects like this. This is a feature rich web site with dynamic content, E-commerce and SEO. For this site I created a custom Joomla Template, Installed it and added several customized modules. Also Implemented the E-commerce engine, added product and setup payment gateways. [...more]

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Santa Claus Academy

Ho Ho Ho. More fun with The Guys from up north!!! Another fun Joomla Project, with SEO. Check it out at [...more]

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The Brotherhood of the Direct Descendants of Santa

The Brotherhood of the Direct Descendants of Santa. Or the Brotherhood DDS for short. This project was a custom Wordpress theme with some video and graphics. Also installed some custom plug-ins. Take a look at [...more]

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Womens Automotive Connection Blog

A very fun blog integration. This one was a bit of a challenge, because I had to get the blog to look like the rest of the site, which was in flash. So I had to do some guess work on fonts and images. Overall it turned out pretty good. Take a look for yourself [...] [...more]

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Joan Marie Whelan

My first project for Joan Marie Whelan. PHPBB Forum Installation and integration into remainder of site. take a look at [...more]

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Floating Monk was one of our blog workshop sites. Jeff, the blog admin, will be blogging the benefits of using Chi Kung in every day life. This is a very fresh green design, running on Wordpress back end of course. To see the site check out [...more]

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