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Effects of Spam on SEO

Posted on 22 May 2008 by Russ

I have noticed, as anyone who runs their own blog had undoubtedly as well, a ton of spam comments showing up. Now most of my clients, and even most WordPress newbs know about askmet and some of the other spam prevention tools available. What I am still stumped over is the high number of garbage websites that are linking to my site, which of course I can not control at all.

For example search this in Google “link:”

Of the results a ton of them are in another language clearly just spammer sites.

So here is my question to the internet/blogger community. What the heck can be done about this?

I have a feeling the answer is ZERO. The scary part is this, this site was launched at the end of 2007, and now roughly 6 months later I have 300 plus spam sites linked to me, I have a Google PR of 2. Is it helping THEM or just hurting ME? Surly the PR of these sites is very low, and I am sure that it is hurting me. I guess the next step here is to drop my web development services, and start selling Viagra.

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