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Twitter feeds indexed by search engines

Posted on 03 June 2008 by Russ

Twitter is certainly a cool way to keep friends and family abreast on what you are doing. I have used it in the past and have started using it to keep folks up to date on RF Web Studio. I was looking for creative ways to show off my twitter feed. Among the best that I found were the Twitter application for Facebook and the Twitter Badge. There are some more useful Twitter tools at that Wordpress users may appreciate.

The biggest thing though that I have found is that Google and other search engines index your Twitter Feed. So using relevant key phrases in your Tweets is a good way to get some search engine exposure. Try searching for “Twitter ‘your name’ ” or “Twitter hillary clinton” in your favorite search engine. They are indexed in some way shape of form.

Is Twitter worth the time? I know I don’t wake up and think “hey let me go Tweet”, but I have added the Be Twittered Gadget to my iGoogle Home page, and that makes it pretty easy to add Tweets without interrupting my daily activities and getting too side tracked.

If you are thinking about using Twitter or want to know more about it, read up on Problogger. Of just sign up for a Twitter account and start Tweeting.

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  1. Amy Nelson Says:

    Hi Russell,
    Thanks for all of your helpful hints. Your articles are very simple, direct and easy to follow. I appreciate that immensely!!!This tech-world is a whole universe I have just begun to explore. You are a super pilot.
    Amy : )

  2. geoff daum Says:

    Yep - I would agree with that.. Thanks for the line.

  3. Automotive Industry News Says:

    I found your site on bookmarking site.. I like it ..gave it a fave for you..ill be checking back later

  4. Atlanta SEO Says:

    I am with you, I think twitter can be leveraged for exposure on the web in the search engines. I don’t know if it is more effective than other techniques, but I would like to see someone just use twitter for a site for a while and see if they start picking up an steam in Google. If I only had the time :)

  5. mike @ cheap books online Says:


    I am pretty new to twitter, but I heard that they are even using it for a political debate platform.

    As far a SEO, if they are getting indexed, that is a cool thing. Can you link in your tweets?

  6. C. Laeuse Says:

    Thanks for the link to wordpress tools!

  7. Dana Says:

    I have been a member of twitter for over a year now, but did not find it that useful. I have only been suign it from time to time. But your article makes me think that it might be useful in some way…

  8. Dueces Says:

    Nice news for Twitter:)

  9. RandyBrown Says:

    Nice Site. I am new here but will be visiting more often as you have done a good job.


  10. Ryan Says:

    Twitter must be dancing :)

  11. Tyrone Says:

    It’s quiet old news now

  12. Svetlana Gladkova Says:

    What’s more, Twitter pages are not only indexed, they get quite a nice PR from Google as well (last time I checked mine had a PR6 actually). So it could get some Google juice easily.

  13. nick Says:

    hey, love the blog - i will try and keep up with it!! please keep more coming :)I wish I could start a blog but I don’t have much time :(Thanks, nick

  14. ikinci el makina Says:

    very nice info thank you

  15. Joel Drapper - SEO and Link Building Tips Says:

    Anyone know how to get more followers on twitter?

  16. ikinci el makina Says:

    I have only been sign it from time to time. But your article makes me think that it might be useful in some way… thank you

  17. Rowers Says:

    Very intriguing article about twitter. Twitter is gaining so much popularity these days, but is becoming a quandary as well.

  18. Internet Marketing Consultant Says:

    Twitter is just every where now, how annoying !!

  19. wu yi tea Says:

    Twitter is really cool but tends to be too spammy if you are following many contacts, but its a good way of keeping in touch with the latest happenings even without have conversations.

  20. rozy Says:

    thanks alot for the tips bro

  21. rozy Says:

    i agree with that
    thanks to article bro

  22. Michael Says:

    Thanks for the useful information, I’ve been looking for a twitter for my wordpress blog for ages

  23. reverse phone search Says:

    Twitter is a great tool to keep you updated and in touch with your close one’s, but the idea of having it indexed by search engine is not really pleasing, it is so easy to gather information about anyone just from the internet.

  24. Joomla Templates Says:

    Hey Russel,

    Thanks for posting this. I got way too involved with twitter over the past few months and was just about to bite the bullet and delete my account (seriously took up too much time). I think I’m gonna try this Google gadget to see if I can still twit for my followers but not get caught up in the mess…

  25. Spicy Forex Says:

    Hey, great post there! Im first time here visited your blog, definitely will visit back later, keep it up :)

  26. Leonardo Medina Says:

    Even Twitter started black listing their users now and I think we should be careful to use twitter to advertise ourselves. Anyhow I am amazed to see the growing number of web 2.0 ways to promote sites.

  27. Local Business Directory Says:

    I didn’t think Twitter had any ability to influence serps?

  28. Eco consulting Says:


    I completely disagree on last commnet “I didn’t think Twitter had any ability to influence serps?” now a days there are to much influence of twitter in Serps and social networking sites. 95% internet geeks have Twitter account.

  29. joe Says:

    thank you for that post, it’s encouraged me to go to sign up for twitter now.

  30. Tjen penger på nett Says:

    Hi, as a newbie to the whole twitter thing i have one question, is it possible to make any money from twitter?

  31. JCL Says:

    I’m still on the fence about twitter, perhaps because I haven’t yet ’seen’ the benefits. Search engine exposure though could be a convincing factor for me. Perhaps twitter would allow you to use your mobile device to promote your blog while you’re out and about and bored?

  32. Scott Roberts Says:

    Tjen penger på nett, I think Twitter is more of a marketing tool than a money-making tool. Let your customers know what’s going on, give them updates, and point them to links to your real money-making ventures.

  33. Web Design Los Angeles Says:

    Great insights. I was not aware of this. You have nicely described. This information also helps to those who have no idea about it. Thanks for sharing…

  34. ritchie Says:

    When twitter started, the profile link was still follow - it has been changed to nofollow some time ago. Yet still, using your keywords and links might be a good idea (at list if the redirection / URL shortening service) of your choise uses a 301 redirect.

  35. SEO Liverpool Says:

    Great post. Hunting around at the moment for info on the various social media sites, and this one nailed it for me in regards to Twitter. Does it bring you sales??? In time I guess.

  36. Pharmacy Reviews Says:

    My thoughts exactly!!! :)

  37. Isfiske Says:

    I think twitter and other sites like it can be quite beneficial to marketeers. But it do demand a lot of work. You have to constantly update to get the progression you need. If you do put the work into it and get a well known twitter page, you can get a lot out of it.

  38. Ikia Furniture Store Says:

    Of course twitter plays an important role in todays internet marketing campaigns. Why else would almost everyone involved in the industry use it?
    For my own part, twitter has done wonders to my traffic, so i can recommend it to everyone..

  39. dancing for beginners Says:

    I don’t know twitter for a long time but I really am enjoying using it. A big part of my day is being spent there and without any doubt I can do series of such events which I couldn’t imagine in past.

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