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Dine Assured – Food Safety Consultants

Posted on 16 July 2009 by Russ

Dine Assured is the new corporate identity for GA Food Cert. This Joomla! based site required theme design, e-commerce, SEO and more.

Popularity: 34% [?]

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  1. Creative Movement Says:

    Food safety is important. Do not care for Joomla!

  2. Marketing and Business Internet Blog Says:

    Joomla does several things to the HTML that makes seo a challenge.. some of the seo plugins for it are a little funky too.

  3. Window Cleaning Melbourne Says:

    I don’t like Joomla much either, found the control panel a little hard to learn. WordPress was much simpler in my opinion although I still think Joomla has it’s place. Nice site you built.

  4. Taylor Timms Says:

    One of my hobby is eating,that’s why I enjoy reading the article,and I hope that you will post more topics like this..

  5. Katie Smith Says:

    Great site! I love your post about the foods! Would love to hear more from you soon.

    Katie Smith
    My Blog: ray-j-tape

  6. Anne Cole Says:

    There is no assurance of food to be clean. But we can always cook and serve food carefully avoiding it from contamination.

    Anne’s blog: Anne Cole Swimwear Collectionr

  7. Rachel Says:

    Looks very sleek and user friendly website indeed. I love that the contact info was already shown on top of the webpage like most business websites out there.

    Webmaster of All Web Directory

  8. Kate Wilson Says:

    As a nutritionist, I used to come up with the word “clean” the source of food should always be clean, and it is right that most restaurant is promoting their restaurant in this way.

    My last blog post:
    Kim About Body Issues, Butt, Cellulite

  9. Lex Says:

    Nice clean design bro, Just a thought, I personally would use green and blue colors to indicate safety, orange is close to red which is the color typically associated with excitement, passion or danger. Notice how much this psychology works – products use green colored packaging to make people think it is eco-friendly. etc.

  10. Nutrition Consulting in Chicago Says:

    Great wed design, perfect color choice especially for food. I never thought Joomla can produce this kind of site. Cool!

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