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How much would you pay for a Digg?

Posted on 31 May 2008 by Russ

I know that the whole concept behind and other similar social bookmarking sites is that you do not pay people or encourage them to Digg an article. But knowing that the effects of getting on the front page of Digg just makes me wonder. Even the link quality coming from Digg and the possible traffic it can generate begs the question…

How much would it be worth to pay someone to Digg an article you wrote?

Here is how I figure it would help me. Every time I write and article, I make sure to send it over to Digg. Often it will get a few Diggs within a few days and thats it, some of my more popular articles have received several in a few months. The big picture thought, is that every time I write an article I notice a majority of my traffic coming from Digg and I have even received some good comments and subscribers from the site. So, How much is it worth? Could one calculate a CPM or CPC for Digg submissions. Can I coin the phrase “CPD?”

To take is a step further what If I held an ongoing contest for guest bloggers, the person who writes the article that receives the most Diggs in a year gets a thousand dollars? Would there be any issues with this? Would Digg blacklist me or what?

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