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What are your competitors doing?

Posted on 27 April 2008 by Russ

Good question. A lot of times I find myself spending a lot of time looking at my clients sites and often wonder how many of them are not keeping a close enough eye on their competitors. Take a look at the Beanstalk Blog, these guys know a lot about SEO, in fact I keep my eye on them quite a bit. Why, you may ask, did I just tell my customers to check out my competitors? Many reasons, first of all, I hope that it adds validity to what I say, If I show you an industry recognized provider of the same or similar services that I offer, and they tell you the same thing I have been preaching for six months or more, then hopefully you will understand better. Plus some of my customers really need to hear it from someone else before they believe me. Second, it actually helps my search results, being associated with another reputable SEO site gives me “authority” to Google. And third, because I know how they work, how they price their services, and I think that my wonderful clients would be crazy to sacrifice dealing with a local, personable provider than to go to them.

No, I am not recommending that you throw your biggest competitor in your blogroll. But you should keep up to date on what they are doing. This makes sense as a business rule in general, I mean if your competitor beats you to the punch on a big technology break through, you could go out of business. If they ramp up their online marketing and you fail to keep up with them they will gain a huge share of the internet consumers, and that could hurt big time in two or three years.

There are plenty of ways to see what your competition is up to, but quite simply, going to their website frequently is step one. from there, see what terms they have in their meta data, where they are purchasing ads, and who is linked to them. If you want to know more, let me know and I will share with you how to dig deeper.

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  1. consultant seo Says:

    Im trying the spider web marketing thing and im confused as hell
    i made an acount signed in and i skipped a few of thew things that ask you to make a account in a website but i only did it on what? wheres the money come from can you please explain?

  2. Cistanche Says:

    I like to use Yahoo Site Explorer, you can learn a huge amount about your competitors strategies, and about what works, by looking at top ranking pages with that tool. It’s free.

  3. SEO Peterborough Says:

    I completely agree with you, yahoo site explorer is an awesome tool for keeping an eye on what your competors are doing.
    I check my competitor’s activity every week and save the CSV file to compare it to last week’s report.

  4. joomla company Says:

    somedays before i use google backlink checker tool for check backlinks but now i use yahoo site explorer it is very nice thanks for great info

  5. Motorräder auf Says:

    periodical looking to the competitor’s is very important to get the best company…

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