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Santa Claus Academy

Ho Ho Ho. More fun with The Guys from up north!!! Another fun Joomla Project, with SEO. Check it out at [...more]

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What are your competitors doing?

Good question. A lot of times I find myself spending a lot of time looking at my clients sites and often wonder how many of them are not keeping a close enough eye on their competitors. Take a look at the Beanstalk Blog, these guys know a lot about SEO, in fact I keep my [...] [...more]

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HubSpot Business Blogging Webinar

Preface: This blog post is my opinion on a HubSpot webinar, I was lucky enough to sit in on this week. By no means am I claiming the content as mine. Make sure that you download the webinar recording, slides, and white paper to get the full prospective. Blog Marketing Webinar – presented by Mike [...] [...more]

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Hubspot’s Website Grader – what is your SEO score?

I can’t keep it a secret any more. There is a great tool available for free to grade your website’s (or blog’s) SEO score. This awesome tool is provided by a SEO and inbound marketing company called HubSpot. You can go to Website Grader and put your site in, along with your main keywords and [...] [...more]

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Ego Surfing

I came across several people today who said “Google My Name” Okay, if your name is rare, you may be listed on the search engines, but WHO CARES! Where do you fall when people Google the name of your business, what about the product or service you sell? The truth is, when people are looking [...] [...more]

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Get links to your website, FREE

Would you like for a link to your blog to show up on If so just make a post with a working link this posts url: and then use the form below to send it to us. Once we check the link and the content of your blog we will link back to [...] [...more]

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