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How to Blog Workshop Overview (Part one)

Posted on 02 March 2008 by Russ

Part one: Writing content.

First take a look at a few articles written by some other bloggers.

How To Write Great Blog Content – The Pillar Article

Blog Pulling Power – Creating Flagship Content

How to Create Cornerstone Content That Google Loves

Now spend a few minutes brainstorming a list of two or three pillar articles you can write for your blog. When writing these articles, it is important to remember that people will be reading these for years to some, so try not to make them too time specific.

Part Two: Working in WordPress

You can access your WordPress administration panel by typing into any internet browser. Once you enter your username and password, you will see your dashboard. This will be home base for the most part. Also notice a row of links that start with “dashboard, write, manage…” These links are the different things you can do within your blog back end. Be careful what you do because once you change it back here it is live on the web and anyone can see it. First lets click the “Write” tab. You will notice that a second set of tabs appears, “write post” and “write page” stay on write post for now. Lets take a moment to copy and paste the outline for one of our pillar articles here. We will be visiting it again soon, so if it is not finished thats okay. Make sure you title it appropriately. Notice three buttons below the main content editor, “Save and Continue Editing,” “Save,” and “Publish” If you click “Publish” your article will go live immediately. If you use “Save”, it will be saved as a draft and not published.

We will go over the rest of the editor screen later, but the part you will use most is the content editor, so make sure you are comfortable doing the above steps.

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